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FOUNDATION:-principles & practice of A/C Bus. Law and Bus. correspon. Bus. Eco. & Bus.comm.know. FOUNDATION:- Bus. Envi. & Entrepreneurship Bus. Mng.. Ethics & Commn. Business Economics Fund.of Accounting&Auditing FOUNDATION:- Fund. of Eco & Mng. Foundamentals of Accounting Fundamentals of laws& Ethics Fundamental of Bus. Mathmatics & Statics
INTERMEDIATE(GROUP-1):- Accounting Corporate & Other Laws cost Accounting Taxes[Direct &indirect] EXECUTIVE(GROUP-1):- Company law cost & Mng. Accounting Eco. & cpmmn. laws Tax laws & practice INTERMEDIATE(GROUP-1):-financial Accounting laws, Ethics & Governance Direct Taxtion Cost Acc.&Financial Mng.
(GROUP-2):-Adv. Accounting Auditing & Assurance Strategic Mng. Fin.Mng.& Eco. For Finance (GROUP-2):-Company Acc.& Aud. Practices Cap. Mark.& Securities Laws Industrial,labour & Gen. law (GROUP-2):-operational Mng & information Systems Cost & Mng.Accountancy indirect taxation company Accounts & Audit
FINAL(GROUP-1):-Financial Reporting Strategic Financial Mng. Adv. Auditing & Prof. ethics Coporate Laws & other Eco. FINAL(GROUP-1):-Adv. company law & practice Secr.Audit,com.Mng & DueDiligence Corp. Rest. val. & Insolvency FINAL(GROUP-1):-Corp.laws & Compliance Adv.Financial Mng. Bus. strategy & Strategic Cost Mng. Tax Mng.& Practice
(GROUP-2):- Strat. Cost mng. & Pref. Eval. Elective Paper Direct Tax laws & inter. Tax (GROUP-2):- Info. tech. & systems Audit Fin, Treasury & fOREX Mng. Ethics, Goverance & Sustain. (GROUP-2):- Strategic Performance Mng. corp. fincancial reporting cost & mng. Audit Fin. Analysis & Bus. Valuation
(GROUP-3):- aDV. tAX lAWWS & practice Drafting,App.& Pleading Banking Law & Practice Cap.., Comm. & Money Market Insurance law & Practice Intell. Prop Rights-law & Practice Inter. Bus. Law & Practice