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Director Message

I would like to quote Ravindra Nath Tagore. The main aim of education is behind the holistic development of the children imbibing values and creativities among themselves in real since education impart refined behavior, Creativity among the children. We cannot ignore the fact that every child is a born Creative.Education survives and emerges where everything else fails. It is a priceless gift of wisdom , a gift more precious than any materialistic gain.
In this endeavour the Instititute is supported by outstanding infrastructure where the classes and laboratories are well equipped. Thus our children stride out of Instititute confident and well adjusted,ready to take their place in this competitive global world.
The Instititute enjoys a caring and open environment by which I mean an organization where every member enjoys a sense of freedom of mind and spirit thus turning Instititute education into an enjoyable experience for everyone.
I congratulate all the Students of Commerce Mithlesh Commerce, all teacher staff and members.


Mithilesh Kumar